Facts About Filing An Injury Claim That Nobody Is Telling You

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Although serious injuries are relatively rare, these incidents can happen to anyone at any time. That’s why it’s essential to fully understand how personal injury claim works in the Utah county so you’ll know what to do once an accident arises.

Matthew Jube, Attorney at Law, shares a few facts that you may want to know when dealing with serious personal injury claims.

There’s a time limit when making a personal injury claim

In most cases, most people are only given a three-year window to begin their legal proceedings for their claim. One of the notable exceptions to the three-year window is when we’re dealing with a child as the injured person. When this happens, the claim can be done right away and the three years won’t begin until the child reaches their 18th birthday.

Insurance company settlement offers is not always a great idea

Based on an article posted on Frickey, insurance companies commonly try to limit what they compensate for medical costs when the injured person tries to file a claim. However, underrating your claim may leave you with immediate and long-term financial affliction, particularly if you’re momentarily unable to perform your work because of your injuries.

Every law firm provides a different personal injury service

Keep in mind that not all law firms offer identical personal injury services. However, there is still a chance that you’ll be able to find law firms that specialize in personal injury. So you might want to spend time searching for the best law firm that can cater to your needs.

These are just a few of the facts that you may want to consider when you’re trying to look for a personal injury law firm. Keep in mind that it’s essential to find a law firm who specializes in personal injury and can provide you with the legal service that you need.