Three Things that Utah Drivers Need Besides Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance policy

Everybody knows that a car insurance policy is necessary when driving in Utah. They can never use public roads if they don’t have one. However, many car owners do not know that they need more than coverage. Here are three more things that every Utah driver should have:

The Phone Number of an Auto Accident Lawyer

In 2012, over 50,000 vehicle crashes occurred in Utah. These resulted in more than 200 deaths and over 20,000 injured individuals. The effects of these accidents can last for years. To make things worse, they occur due to negligence and recklessness.

An accident injury attorney like William R. Rawlings & Associates is necessary for anyone who drives or boards a vehicle. These professionals can help you negotiate with insurance or seek compensation for injuries and death.

Car Seats

These are mandatory for vehicle owners with child passengers. The type of car seat depends on the age and size of the kids. Infants and toddlers need to be in rear-facing seats, while children who are 4 to 12 years old can use boosters. There are only two reasons to let children buckle with seatbelts. It’s when they can no longer fit the maximum size of the booster seats and when the belts can fit their bodies. Children who are 13 years old also need to sit in the back for safety.

The Right Lights

The motor vehicle regulations in Utah are specific. A car needs no less than two headlamps, and each of them should be at the front on either side. A trailer connected to another vehicle might also need at least a pair of red reflectors attached to the rear. These are in addition to the two tail lamps. The hazard or turn signal must be glow in either red or yellow. The law is quiet when it comes to using an under-glow, but there are limitations such as no rotating or flashing lights.

Driving in Utah or anywhere else carries many risks, but having these things can reduce the chances of accidents. They might also give drivers and their families some peace of mind.