When Marriages End: How to File for Divorce

Man and woman filling for divorce

Most people marry their partners wearing rose-tinted spectacles and thinking that their loved one can do no wrong. However, no matter how much you a love a person, you have no control over who they will be or how they will treat you. The same goes for your partner who may expect you to remain the same as when he or she married you.

Fairy tales end, however, and marriages, in order to survive, take a lot of work. Sometimes, though, it is simply best for marriages to end when it is no longer contributing to the good of both parties.

Filing for a divorce is a straightforward process for couples in America who have decided to part ways. In fact, it consists of three simple steps:

Show proof of residency

The minimum requirement to file a divorce is proof of residency. To be allowed to file a petition, you or your partner should have resided in the state of New Mexico for the past six months. The same duration can be said of most jurisdictions in the U.S.

Complete the divorce paperwork

Apart from the basic information sheet, you also have to fill out either one of two forms: “Petition for the Dissolution of Marriage Without Children,” or a “Petition for Dissolution of Marriage With Children.” To ensure that you make informed decisions when filing for a divorce, get the services of a trusted divorce lawyer in Albuquerque. With regard to the filing fee for the petition, most states charge between $300 and $500.

Wait for your spouse to acknowledge the petition

Once your husband or wife has been served your petition, they have 30 days to respond. Your spouse does not have to agree with your decision to file for a divorce — it will not legally prevent you from filing a petition, nor will it prevent the proceedings from pushing through.

If you need a divorce lawyer, look for a law firm that specializes in family law. Divorce is a delicate matter, which is why you should only rely on a seasoned expert to handle your requirements.