3 Cleaning and Care Tips for Your Antique Chinese Furniture

Do you have antique Chinese furniture at home? If so, you need to remember that with proper care and maintenance, you can make your furniture last a long time, even for generations.

Here are some cleaning and care tips to help you out:

Determine the Type of Finish

The first step in taking care of antique screens and room dividers or other furniture items is to determine the type of finish, so you can decide on the right cleaning solutions and techniques. For wooden furniture, keep in mind that you are not cleaning the actual wood. Rather, you are cleaning and maintaining the finish. If you are not sure what type of finish you have on your antique furniture, talk to an antique dealer and ask for recommendations on the right cleaning solutions.

Be Mindful of Humidity and Direct Sunlight

Water is the greatest enemy of wood, but direct sunlight can do great damage as well. For easy regular cleaning, you may use mild soapy water and a cotton washcloth, but make sure it is not dripping wet. Watch the humidity levels in your home and be careful not to place your antique wood furniture in highly humid areas or under direct sunlight.

Be Careful about Watermarks and Scratches

Use coasters and other table top items to protect your antique wooden furniture from scratches and water marks. This is important if you like placing flower vases with fresh flowers and water on top of wooden furniture. While there are DIY tricks on how to get rid of scuff marks and water marks, it is easier to prevent such problems from occurring.

Antique Chinese furniture pieces are great investments that you can pass on to the next generation. With the right care and maintenance, you can preserve their quality, value and natural beauty.