3 Conversational Pieces Every Salon Owner Must Teach their Stylists

Beauty salon

Beauty salons exist so that customers can have their hair or nails or skin fixed. For some customers, however, these places are also suited to easy conversations. With this in mind, if you are a salon proprietor, it is not enough that you secure a partnership with the best salon equipment suppliers or you find the best wholesaler of grooming products.

To level up your game, you can also teach your stylists these three conversational pieces so your customers can have some value-added service.

Celebrity gossip

This is perhaps the safest salon talk in which your stylists can learn to engage. The rules are simple; just read some gossip tabloids or watch gossip TV shows and surely your team can share a thing or two once a customer starts to name drop the Kardashians or Taylor Swift’s BFFs.


Now, this could be a landmine and must be avoided at all costs, lest you lose clients. But in cases when customers initiate conversations on local or global politics, the best that your stylists can do is drop neutral responses. At least until they get a firm hold on the customer’s political leanings. For the sake of business, it’s vital not to contradict whoever or whatever the client supports, politically.

Personal Talk

Therapy can be rather expensive. This is why some customers turn salons into pseudo-psychotherapy sessions. In this regard, your stylists must have an unrivalled sense of patience and empathy. Also, they must refrain from giving a diagnosis. What they can give however are recommendations on new hair or nail treatments that could make customers feel better.

Salon talk is all well and good but here’s the caveat: not all customers appreciate it. So while your stylists must know what things to talk about and how they must also be sensitive enough to know when a customer wants to be left alone.