5 Clever Ways to Incorporate Glass in Your Home Design

Amazing pool with fence

Glass is traditionally used in homes as windows and doors, and as walls in store fronts. Due to its unique characteristics though, it has evolved into a highly versatile and in-demand construction and design material. This is particularly true in modern homes and commercial properties.

There are many ways you can give your home a sleek and modern vibe through glass. Here are a few ideas for you.


Installing glass balustrades is one clever way to incorporate glass in your home design. You can use them in staircases and outdoor areas, such as the patio and balcony. There is nothing to worry about if you use them outdoors. Suppliers and manufacturers, like Auckland Glass Ltd, recommend glass balustrades as they can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Pool Fences

Give your pool area a major upgrade by installing glass fences. Panels used for pool enclosures are made according to the standards set by the industry. Other than giving the area a style boost, they also make durable fences that keep your children away from the water. In addition, supervision during splash days is made more convenient.


Glass furniture will surely make a statement in your living room, bathroom, or kitchen. More common options include table tops and cabinets, but you can also find glass coffee tables, glass vanities, side tables and stools. You can find stores specialising in glass furniture or ask your glass supplier if they can customise a piece for you.


Go for a glass splash-back if you want to lend sleekness to your kitchen. Other than being a nice deign feature, it will also serve a good function. Glass makes durable and easy to clean splash-back that keeps your kitchen wall safe from water damage.


Glass also makes great partitions in home offices. It can make the space look and feel bigger and more open. You can go frosted and opaque glass panels if you want privacy.

These are only some ideas to help you incorporate glass in your home. Speak to a trusted glass supplier to know more about your options.