Engagement Rings are Still the Centerpiece of Wedding Proposals

Man holding engagement ring

Wedding celebrations are getting more and more diverse and creative nowadays. The same can also be said of proposals. But amid all of these gimmicks—say, lavish proposal videos and flash mobs, the centerpiece remains to be the engagement ring. And so, ordering custom engagement rings in Salt Lake City remains to be at the forefront of a perfect proposal.

21st Century Wedding Proposals

Marriage proposals have taken a turn for the unique, as shown on the media. At first, the focus was on the ring being hidden somewhere (e.g., a slice of cake, a glass of wine), only to be surprisingly found by the woman as the man asks for her hand. This later evolved to proposals on live events, like the halftime of a basketball game in the middle of the court.

Popping the big question has become a grand event where the man shows his undying love for his partner in front of a worldwide audience.

Social Media Wedding Proposals

Social media influences, meanwhile, have made marriage proposals a big event that is part of the run-up to the wedding. Videos of the proposal are shot and then posted on social media as “teasers.” Everything has become a social media event—from the planning to the use of hidden cameras all the way to the moment the woman says “yes.”

But with all these new methods of proposing, there is one element that has not changed or has not been forgotten. Engagement rings remain on center stage for all to see. A wedding proposal is not a proposal unless the audience sees the ring. It would be perfect, therefore, to have that one-of-a-kind ring for that once-in-a-lifetime event.