Focus on – winter lawn care

Leap of a garden

Once the season really feels like it is on the turn, it’s time to start preparing the garden for winter. With a little forward planning and knowledge, a gardener can prevent large problems developing into spring chores.

Depending on the size of the garden, it can be quite a big job to get everything bedded down for the long cold months. Not only can garden maintenance in Chiswick, with a company like Town and Country Gardens, help some with the workload, they can also offer a reassuring level of expertise.

What does the lawn need?

The lawn needs so much mowing over the summer that it can be hard to find the time to focus on its overall condition. As autumn turns into winter and things slow down, space opens up for a good, honest look at what is going on. Look out for these things:

• Compacted areas – this is anywhere that sees a lot of foot traffic. The grass might be a bit thinner here or there could be churned up patches of mud. A fork can be used to aerate the soil simply by pressing it into the lawn at intervals. For a particularly big garden, garden maintenance in Chiswick might be useful to get the job done;

• Thin areas – even a well-cared for lawn can develop slightly scraggy patches particularly if it is in a hosepipe ban area. These just need a little feeding and reseeding to help revitalise them. This is a hungry time of year for some birds though so it can be helpful to put some birdfeeders up in other areas of your garden to keep them away from your seeds;

• Mossy patches – any moss problem will inevitably get worse over winter as it rains more. It is best to tackle it at this time of year before it has a chance to do so. This can be done using a moss killer which is either chemical-based or organic. The root cause of the moss still needs to be treated. This can be anything from poor soil conditions to patches of shade. In order to understand the problem, some people find it is best to call in someone who offers garden maintenance in Chiswick.