Make Headstones Messages of Encouragement

A row of headstones

Headstones. They are not just there to announce the date of birth and death of your loved one who passed away. They also serve as a reminder of the good life your beloved has led. Choose the design of this part of the grave right, and you will be reminded of good times instead of sad times everytime you visit.

Don’t know what to do with your loved one’s headstone? Here are some suggestions:

Choose Based on Personality

Your loved one may be fun and quirky, or they may be serious and straightforward. Whatever their personality, there are designs of headstones in Taylorsville that will fit them. Check these out while making funeral arrangements, so it can be customized along with every other detail. If your loved one was fond of clever jokes and puns, for instance, you can experiment a little bit with the epitaph and inject a little bit of humor in it. That way, when you visit the grave and read the joke, it will be just like hanging out with your loved one.

Remember a Favorite Quote

If there is one personality, fictional or not, that your loved one looked up to, you may choose a saying that they are known for. This is in tribute to your loved one, showing everyone what kind of person they are. If they have a favorite quote, you may also use that. It could be a personal saying, as well. Think back to a time when they said something iconic and meaningful, and capture that moment by engraving the words on their headstone.

Make a Promise

“Until we meet again.” It’s one meaningful way to send off your loved one, promising that you will meet them in the afterlife. It’s a message of hope for those who have been left behind. You know that death is just a temporary separation and that when you meet your own end, you will meet again and catch up.

They are more than just slabs of stone marking graves. They are also messages of hope and words of encouragement to those who are reading them.