Parties to Notify in the Event of Death

a man carrying a coffin

Although death is not a subject that many people talk about, it is important that individuals seek expat funeral plans in Spain with a funeral home. Your funeral home helps notify the affected parties, plan for your funeral, and finance your funeral. However, do you know the other parties that you should notify once your dear one passes? Below are important parties you should contact:

The Court

The executor of the deceased’s will should file a case upon the death of the holder of the will. The executor should carry out the wishes of the deceased according to the requirements in the will. The process can be lengthy if you wait long after the death of the person; therefore, be prompt in filing your case.

The Bank

When the deceased had a joint bank account with an individual, it may be impossible to carry out the usual transactions unless the executor hands in the right documents to the bank. However, after a certain period of presenting the necessary documents, you can continue using the account as usual.

Insurance Company

If the deceased had a life insurance cover, you need to call the company and inform them for a successful insurance claim. The beneficiary should fill in the paperwork and present the documents to an insurance agent. The paperwork should have substantial evidence of the death of the deceased such as the death certificate.

Other parties that should get the death notification include the Veterans Agency and the Department of Social Security. Also, any other organisations of which the deceased was a member should receive the news to facilitate further arrangements.

Funeral homes help the family of the deceased deal with the loss easily and cater for the funeral expense. Therefore, consider getting a funeral plan for yourself or a loved one with expat funeral services in Spain to have a smooth time for your family when that time of death occurs.