Pregnancy Back Pain? Time to Get a New Mattress

Pregnant women may experience back pain, hip pain and frequent urination, making for uncomfortable and sleepless nights. A good quality memory foam mattress can ease aches and pains for a restful, blissful sleep.

Expecting a baby? Along with the joys of pregnancy comes a host of side-effects. Niggles like nausea and frequent urination can cause uninterrupted sleep as expectant moms have to visit the restroom at regular intervals. The hormone relaxin loosens ligaments and can cause muscle and joint pain. Weight gain puts extra strain on joints and shifts the center of gravity, making them lean backwards when they walk to maintain their balance. The growing baby bump makes finding a comfortable position to sleep more challenging.

Many pregnant women must use multiple pillows to alleviate discomfort in bed. There is an alternative for a better night’s sleep – memory foam. Updating the mattress may be the answer.

Memory Foam in Pregnancy

Memory foam was developed by NASA for use in seating in rockets. It was later adopted by the medical profession for occupational therapy braces and wheelchair seat pads to prevent pressure sores. Once the benefits of memory foam were discovered, bedding companies began to manufacture mattresses made out of memory foam.

Memory foam benefits pregnant women because it is neither too soft or too hard. It doesn’t cause an aching back due to sagging or pain from excessive pressure. Memory foam molds itself to the sleeper’s body, providing comfortable and gentle support, whatever position they choose to sleep in. Some people have likened sleeping on memory foam to sleeping on a cloud.

Gel Infused Memory Foam

The extra blood volume produced during pregnancy may make women feel too hot. As memory foam molds itself to body shape using body heat, it may feel too warm. That’s when a gel infused mattress could help. Gel infused mattresses are cooler, promoting air circulation and reducing how much body heat gets retained by the mattress.

For a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep in pregnancy, try memory foam.