The Sheer Benefits of Sheer Window Covers


Still don’t know what to do to dress up your windows, but don’t want to leave them bare? You can start with something you can (somewhat) see through.

 Why Go Sheer

Window treatments that have colours and patterns bring their own punch and personality to a room. Sheer treatments allow everything else in the room to shine. The colour of the material tends to matter little if at all. Most times, it can only be appreciated when indoor lights are on.

Sheer treatments allow rooms with just the barest natural light to feel and look bright and airy. Also, these may even filter out the heat, depending on the window treatment you have.

If you enjoy open windows, you will love sheer window treatments! The thinness of the material lets plenty of air flow through for proper ventilation.

 Treatment Options

Your chosen window treatment may depend highly on the look you wish to achieve.

Sheer curtains are often the go-to choice for most homeowners—they are easy to install yourself and just as easy to replace. They give the best ventilation and can be maintained just by taking the curtains down for a wash.

Despite being thin, shades and blinds can offer more privacy while still allowing light to pass through. Sheer roller blinds are a common option and can be the easiest to maintain since it comes as just one long sheet of material. Honeycomb shades and horizontal or vertical blinds can offer more privacy than roller blinds since these are usually made of two sheets of material with a gap in between, making it harder to see in or out.

Don’t be afraid to add layers! If you want to add more punch to your window treatments, you can easily combine sheer treatments with more solid ones. This is particularly useful during the colder months.

 Find an Expert

Especially if you choose blinds or shades, it may be best to get it custom fit for your window. Service providers for window treatments can give you the best advice on which treatment is best for your needs.

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