Your Eyeglasses Frame and Your Face Shape: The Perfect Match

Sooner or later, you’ll have to wear a pair of eyeglasses to help assist your vision. Some people, however, had to have it earlier. If you need to wear glasses now, might as well make sure you’re doing fashionably so.

Your Face Shape Matters

Choosing the right eyeglasses are more than just about its grade. The frame should be your top consideration as well for aesthetic purposes. This is why you need to find a frame shape that will provide a stunning balance to your face. That means you have to choose what compliments your facial feature.

  • For a round face, an almost square frame that uses a thin material is ideal. The corners of the frame, particularly in a butterfly taper frame, will help make your face look thinner and longer.
  • For a square face, round or oblong shaped frames work as they help soften the features of your face. For men who would like to retain that strong profile, however, they can use a squared shape frames. Make sure the lenses are large, though.
  • For people who have oval-shaped faces, you’re lucky. Every shape and size and style of glasses frames will work for you, as noted by and other industry experts. Whether it’s a square or round, it will look good on you and the only deciding factor would be your preference. What kind of image do you want to impose? Do you want to appear the nerdy type or otherwise? Choosing your frames wisely is the key.

These days, choosing the right frame for your eyeglasses is made easier. In fact, there are apps that will help you find the right shape to complement your face. You can also visit trusted eyeglasses providers so you can try a couple of frames and see what works and what won’t. Although that would eat up some of your time, it’s the wisest thing to do if you do not want to go wrong with your choice.