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Rocket Failure Underscores Dangers of Spaceflight
Getting into space is risky business, as witnessed by the explosion of Antares. This survey of early failures reminds us just how risky.
London Comms Museum Ticks All the Right Boxes
London's Science Museum communications and IT sectors tick all the right boxes.
Brazilian Embedded Systems Development Market Study 2014
Even though the Brazilian economy is the world's seventh largest by nominal GDP, few people truly understand the Brazilian embedded market, so this study is very interesting.
A Great Match: SoC Verification & Hardware Emulation
Design and verification project groups have a new tool in the arsenal that will enable better hardware emulation results, greater efficiency, and increased productivity.
Startups, Robots Drive YC Founder
Trevor Blackwell, co-founder of seminal startup accelerator Y Combinator, shares thoughts on his passion for startups, robotics, and software.
Radiometrix Launches Dynamically Reprogrammable RF Module
Have you considered how programmable RF devices might enhance the products that you design?
Friday Quiz: Radiated Emissions
There are many factors that contribute to radiated emissions problems. How well do you know them?
China Blamed for Microchip Dip
Microchip Technology Inc. reported a decrease in sales for the second quarter of fiscal 2015 ending Sept. 30, blaming the economic climate in China rather than internal issues.
Why Xiaomi Is World's 3rd Largest Mobile Co.
Xiaomi's emergence as world's third largest smartphone vendor makes us ask how the rules have changed in global smartphone market.
Oscilloscope Bandwidth Record Now 100 GHz
Teledyne LeCroy breaks its own record for highest bandwidth real-time oscilloscope with the LabMaster 10-100Zi module.
Modifying the Center of Balance for Surface-Mount Components
An EETimes community member poses an interesting question -- could the manufacturers of SMD components modify their center of balance?
Power Week: Idle Computers Waste More Energy Than Thought
Computers are not going into sleep mode or automatically being turned off as often as users think, leaving room to save more energy with improved power management features.
Analog Faceplate Design Decisions: Art or Science?
Creating industrial designs, like new faceplates for use in antique analog meters, is part art and part science.
Donated Test Equipment Outfits College Labs
Electrical engineering schools wanting modern test equipment will do well to befriend test-equipment companies.
Japan's MegaChips to Buy MEMS Timing Leader SiTime
MegaChips, Japan's fast-growing fabless, will buy SiTime Corp. for $200 million in cash to leverage SiTime's MEMS timing devices to enhance its own SoCs and ASSPs for wearable and mobile devices.
Why Focus Solely on CPU & GPU When Reducing SoC Power?
The SoC interconnect is one area in which efforts to reduce power consumption need be re-evaluated.
UMC Takes Bigger Slice of 28nm Business
UMC, the world's third-largest chip foundry, said that it grabbed a larger piece of the 28 nm business that is dominated by TSMC. UMC reiterated its capital expenditure for this year at about $1.3 billion.
3D Prints World's Best Inverter
Oak Ridge National Laboratory wants to become the world leader in operational 3D device printing and has already started its patent portfolio.
Freescale CEO: 'IoT Isn't Just Buzz'
Two factors rejuvenating Freescale are the "explosion of connected devices" and "cars so aware of their surroundings that they can't get into accidents," says its CEO.
Lattice & Forza Announce Fully Reconfigurable Image Sensor
Smart sensors open a wealth of application possibilities in automobiles, homes, factories... anywhere sensors are to be found, in fact.