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NHTSA's on the Spot - Finally
Why is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration such a slacker at enforcing safety laws? A US Senate subcommittee wants to investigate.
Apple, Samsung in 20nm Race
Apple and Samsung are poised to ship their first smartphones using 20nm mobile processors, but they are applying the silicon technology in radically different ways.
Oh, No! My Antique Analog Meter Has Twitched Its Last
One of Max's treasured analog meters has shrugged off this mortal coil; he's hoping a member of the EETimes community can point him toward a replacement.
Blame It on Dilbert
Dilbert continues to be a great source of comic relief, but the misimpressions from that comic about marketing should be viewed as a spoof and nothing more.
Phoneless Billions Lure Google to India
Google's rollout of Android One-branded smartphone in India has suddenly thrust that nation into the middle of the battle for emerging markets among budget smartphone vendors.
RadioShack: The End Is Nigh!
Perhaps this is the natural order of business -- Darwinism and Radio Shack's impending demise opens the door wider for companies like SparkFun and Adafruit to grow.
3D Printing Mass Appeal: 5 to 10 Years Away, Says Gartner
Gartner Hype Cycle Pegs Wearables, Connected Homes & Consumer 3D Printing as soon as 5 to 10 Years Out.
Netflix Releases Print the Legend Trailer
Netflix Releases Print the Legend Documentary Trailer, a film about 3d printing.
ROW Spells Next Big Thing
Emerging markets are the next big thing for an electronics industry hungry for growth and innovation both in supply and demand.
EUV Needs a Plan B
Engineers need to squeeze every drop of life possible from semiconductor technology, but the current EUV light source program may be putting too much wood behind to risky a single arrow.
5G Rise Slowed by Cost, Regulation
Much needs to be done to secure the infrastructure necessary for fifth-generation wireless communications and the use of millimeter wave technology. As researchers at NYU Polytechnic's wireless research center make strides in mapping and measuring frequencies between 10 and 300 GHz, Moore's Law and governmental regulations are slowing the process.
Free Webinar: Electrochemical Corrosion Failure Modes in PWBs
What To Do While Waiting for Apple iPhone6 Teardown
Teardown.com will have full Apple iPhone6 teardown next week. Here's what to do until then.
Embedded Systems Programming Languages
The needs of embedded developers are sufficiently "special" that specialized languages have been developed to address their unique requirements, but none have found universal acceptance.
New 'Runaway Toyota' Case Tests DOJ's Integrity
Just as the memory of Toyota's unintended acceleration cases began to fade, at least in the minds of the media and a few million thus far unaffected Toyota owners, in comes Robert Ruginis to dredge it all up again.
Intel Buys Powerwave Patents
Intel acquired more than 1,400 patents and patent applications from Powerwave Technologies. The company purchased the patent portfolio for an undisclosed amount from an affiliate of The Gores Group, which obtained the patents following Powerwave's bankruptcy.
Ethernet: Ticket to Driverless Car
New vehicle applications will depend on high data rates that cannot possibly be supported by today's CAN, LIN, and FlexRay systems. The "eyes and ears" for self-driving systems, for example, will need a high-bandwidth Ethernet backbone.
Introducing 4 AXYZ's 3D Printing Wood Machines
4 AXYZ is in the additive manufacturing business. But instead of printing with plastic, the company has developed technology that would allow it to create the first 3D printing machine to manufacture solid wood products.
Talking About Cool Ideas With Proto Labs
Proto Labs expects to announce its next winners Oct. 7.
Creating an 8x8x8 3D LED Cube: Testing the 8x8 Panels
Creating an 8x8x8 3D tri-color LED cube from the ground up involves a variety of tasks, one of which is burn-in-testing the eight 8x8 panels before assembling them into the final cube.