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Qualcomm to Leverage Monolithic 3D for Smartphones
Qualcomm is looking to leverage Monolithic 3D IC technology to win market share in the 8 billion dollar smart phone market.
Full Human Head Transplant May Be Closer Than You Think
Suddenly, some of the things we read in science fiction books don't seem quite so far-fetched as once they did.
Automotive Chip Reliability: A Matter of Design Methods
Up to 90% of all innovations today are generated through novel applications of semiconductors and electronic circuits. In the project Resilient Integrated Systems (RESIST), ten partners jointly strengthen the role of nanoelectronic components as the key to future developments. The research focuses on design processes for microchips and next-gen systems that will meet even higher requirements in terms of quality and reliability.
Paper Memory Ready to Roll
Researchers at the Finish VTT Technical Research Centre have demonstrated they could print memory circuits directly on paper, using simple roll-to-roll printing techniques with a particular mix of commercially available metallic inks.
Top 10 Robotics Projects on Kickstarter
EBN takes a look at the newest robots coming down the pike. These inventors are making everything from educational toys to industrial tools.
Moore's Law: Dead or Alive
Moore's law is still alive and kicking after 50 years, but here are the technologies that are busting and boosting it in the 21st century.
'Connected Home' Key to Intel's Lantiq Deal
Intel has formed a freshly minted "Connected Home Division," which will become a home for Lantiq's employees and those who are currently working at Intel's Service Provider Division.
When Coding Errors Can Kill
Under a mild-sounding title, software safety expert Sean Beatty will be presenting a design teardown for a detonator at ESC Boston.
Friday Quiz: Power Circuits & Measurements
Learn from power-integrity expert Steve Sandler through his thoughtful questions on measurements.
Tiny Pacemaker for Tiny People
Micropacemaker is but another example of the how the trend of miniaturization is gaining momentum in healthcare.
Rocket Fuels Student Space Dreams
Boston students hope to break records by launching a homegrown rocket into space, one of many projects sponsored by the non-profit Mavericks.
Vision for Machinery Becoming More Affordable
Machines that can see and act on that information are fitting into more applications, thanks in part to the Internet of Things.
Medtronic Wins EU Approval for Leadless Pacemaker
The approval comes a year and a half after St. Jude Medical acquired Nanostim and its EU-approved leadless pacemaker.
Five Fascinating Power Facts About Supercomputers
Thought you knew everything about supercomputers - those almost unimaginably powerful machines that predict the weather, model nuclear reactions and help develop new drugs? Well, read on to find out a few cool things about them you might not be aware of.
How Tesla Disrupts Infotainment Supply Chain
Automaker Tesla moves away from Tier-One designers on infotainment and does its own design work.
TSMC Cuts Capex by $1 Billion
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) is cutting its planned capital expenditure for this year by $1 billion, citing improvements in capital efficiency and a faster-than-expected migration to its leading-edge 16nm process technology.
Odds of Success of Mie Fujitsu, Japan's Pure-Play Foundry
Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor is a foundry born from Fujitsu's lack of any better options. Its genesis raises questions about the odds of Mie Fujitsu's survival. We asked Mie Fujitsu President hard questions.
NFC Tags Check Food Freshness
In December last year, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) had designed simple gas sensors relying on nanotubes-based chemiresistors (electrical circuits whose resistance changes when exposed to a particular chemical).
Data Centers Drive SDN, Bandwidth
A Microsoft engineer described two new networking initiatives Web-scale engineers are driving to lower costs and get more bandwidth.
Samsung Describes Road to 14nm
A Samsung executive described the company's road to it 14nm FinFET process used for the Exynos chip in its latest smartphones.