Want a Whiter Smile? See Your Dentist

Laser Teeth Whitening

As a country obsessed with teeth whitening, countless of products are now available to change the shade of your smile. Whitening toothpaste is a common choice for many people, as well as strips and DIY bleaching kits.

These options, however, cannot achieve the whitening results of professional treatment, especially if you have noticeably yellow teeth.

Longevity of Results

Compared to other whitening options, professional whitening can last up to five years. Note that this will still depend on your oral hygiene and habits like drinking coffee and alcohol and smoking. Engaging in teeth-staining diet and habits compromise the results, thereby increasing the need for a touch-up.

The re-treatment, however, is shorter than the previous procedure.

Whitening Options for You

There are different types of whitening options to choose from. Your dentist will examine your teeth to know which procedure will work best for your situation. Teeth whitening centres in Birmingham, such as Euro Dental Care, note that laser tooth whitening is ideal if you want immediate and dramatic results.

DIY Whitening Trays

Those who want to skip dental consultation use DIY or over-the-counter bleaching systems. These are mostly safe, but it still best to check with your dentist before using them. Note that some of them have lower levels of whitening ingredient than those utilised by a dentist.

You may also need to use them longer and may not provide the results you want.

Managing Expectations

It is not always easy to predict how much whiter your teeth can get. This will still depend on the method used, the severity of discolouration or type of stain, as well as your compliance. You need to have realistic expectations and avoid trying different products all at one.

Ask your dentist about teeth shade improvements to manage your expectations.

If you want a brighter smile, always choose a dentist-supervised procedure. Using different brands of whitening toothpaste is not advisable, as it can make your teeth more sensitive. Professional whitening remains the safest and most efficient way of brightening a stained or a discoloured smile.