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Allied Electronics 2006-04-20 23:25:49 Description: Distributor for test & measurement, interconnect, enclosures, power, control, passive and active components, etc.
ISAJobs 2006-04-20 23:22:09 Description: Has features for job seekers, contract seekers, employers and contract grantors.
ISA 2006-04-20 23:12:32 Description: Their website states: "Founded in 1945, ISA is a leading, global, nonprofit organization that is setting the standard for automation by helping over 30,000 worldwide members and other professionals solve difficult problems."
NEWARK inone 2006-04-20 22:46:50 Description: An electronics distributor. Their product line includes: semiconductors, passives, interconnect, optoelectronics, circuit protection, power products, ...
Accellera 2006-04-15 14:00:28 Description: From their website: "Accellera was formed in 2000 through the unification of Open Verilog International and VHDL International to focus on identifying new standards, development of standards and formats, and to foster the adoption of new methodologies."
Open System C Initiative 2006-04-15 13:35:57 Description: This is the organization driving System C standards. The System C 2.1 Language Reference Manual is available for download from this site. There is also an open source proof-of-concept library and transaction level modelling library available.
Silicon Integration Initiative 2006-04-12 23:47:11 Description: Si2's mission is "Achieve industry adoption of collaborative technology and services that deliver higher levels of silicon design integration, enabling compelling advantages for our members through reduced costs, faster time to market, and improved IC design capability." Their fee structure ranges from $250 for academic membership to $20K for companies with revenues >$150M.
IECEE 2006-04-05 23:19:04 Description: Worldwide System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrical Equipment
IEC 2006-04-05 23:14:50 Description: Their web site states: "The International Engineering Consortium (IEC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to catalyzing technology and business progress worldwide in a range of high technology industries and their university communities."
ANSI 2006-04-04 21:58:01 Description: American National Standards Institute. Their site includes an eStandards store where you can purchase ANSI standards.
IEEE 2006-04-04 21:50:27 Description: The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is THE worldwide professional organization for EEs. Membership includes a subscription to Spectrum magazine and the right to subscribe to any number of other technical societies - most of which have their own targeted publications.
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