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"Chebyshev" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Analog Filter Design Demystified White Paper Description: Offered by Dallas Semiconductor/Maxim, their introduction states: "This article shows the reader how to design analog filters. It starts by covering the fundamentals of filters, it then goes on to introduce the basic types like Butterworth, Chebyshev, and Bessel, and then guides the reader through the design process for lowpass and highpass filters. Includes the derivation of the equations and the circuit implementation. "
The Scientists and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing Book Description: A full textbook on DSP theory and application.
Algorithms for programmers: ideas and source code Book Description: The cover page notes that "this is a work in progress". Pretty impressive considering this text is already 792 pages long!

"Chebyshev" related tools for the Electrical Engineer
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FilterLab Filter Design Description: Offered by MicroChip. FilterLab is a software tool that simplifies active filter design. Available at no cost, the FilterLab active filter software design tool provides full schematic diagrams of the filter circuit with component values and displays the frequency response.
Active Filter Synthesis Applet Filter Design Description: web-based applet by Analog Devices for design of active filters. Supports design of Butterworth, Bessel, Gaussian, Equiripple, and Chebyshev filters using voltage feedback op-amps.

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