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"DSP" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Web Seminars at Planet EE.com Webcast Description: Planet EE (Penton Electronics Group) hosts a number of on-demand webcasts at this site.
EE 615 CMOS Mixed-Signal IC Design Webcast Description: Pre-recorded CMOS Mixed-Signal Design Course from Boise State University, taught by Jake Baker. This is a full college course (27 lectures) on the subject. All lectures available in video format, with accompanying PDFs showing lecture drawings by Mr. Baker.
More on Embedded MultiCores and MultiProcessors from Embedded.com Web-Page Description: Embedded.com has put in place a centralized list of their articles on multiple-core/processors designs.
Compressive Sensing Resources Web-Page Description: This well organized online resource from Rice University describes itself thus: "The dogma of signal processing maintains that a signal must be sampled at a rate at least twice its highest frequency in order to be represented without error. However, in practice, we often compress the data soon after sensing, trading off signal representation complexity (bits) for some error (consider JPEG image compression in digital cameras, for example). Clearly, this is wasteful of valuable sensing resources. Over the past few years, a new theory of "compressive sensing" has begun to emerge, in which the signal is sampled (and simultaneously compressed) at a greatly reduced rate."
A Mathematical Theory of Communication White Paper Description: Written by C.E. Shannon (AKA "the father of information theory") and originally published in the Bell System Technical Journal in 1948, this is a classic text.
Frequency Devices Design Guide White Paper Description: 35 page design guide covering analog and digital filter selection and design.
Designing DSP-based motor control using fuzzy logic Article Description: This 7 page article from the March issue of Embedded Systems Design magazine introduces fuzzy logic in the context of designing a PID (proportional, integral and differential) controller for brushless DC motor applications.
The Scientists and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing Book Description: A full textbook on DSP theory and application.
Mixed Signal and DSP Design Techniques Book Description: This text can be downloaded a chapter at a time from the Analog Devices web site.
Fundamentals of Image Processing Book Description: 113 page text dealing primarily with 2-D image processing.
Modern Signal Processing Book Description: This is a collection of signal processing chapters by a variety of authors, generally on rather focused topics.
Introduction to Sound Processing Book Description: This free 204 page textbook, developed by a professor at the University of Verona, will provide you with an introduction to sound processing.

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"DSP" related organizations for the Electrical Engineer
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Berkeley Design Technology, Inc. (BDTi) Other Description: BDTi is a rather unique company. Their niche is publication of "Insight, Analysis, and Advice on Signal Processing Technology". Each year, major semiconductor manufacturers submit their DSP products to BDTi for inclusion in its yearly reports.
ARM Ltd Other Description: ARM Ltd. designs and licenses embedded IP world-wide. ARM processors are arguably the most popular for embedded applications. ARM's AMBA bus is an industry standard, and ARM markets a wide variety of related modules for integration on SoCs.
RASSP Consortium Description: From their website: "RASSP was a major DARPA/Tri-Service initiative to reinvent the process by which embedded digital signal processors were developed. The goal was a four-fold reduction in the time from concept to fielded prototype on both new designs and design upgrades, with similar improvements in life cycle cost, quality and supportability. " RASSP subjects include VHDL, sardware-software codesign, synthesis, test and more.