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"EDA" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Verilog Links from ASIC World.com Web-Site Description: Another great site for anyone wanting to learn more about Verilog.
Basics of Design Tutorial Description: Electronic Design magazine occasionally includes a glossy insert entitled: "basics of Design". Each is corporate sponsored, and provides a basic tuturial on some design task. The collection is available at this location on the Electronic Design web site.
Save Those Watts With A Power-Aware Design Flow For SoCs Article Description: A very good article that discusses the myriad of issues that must be dealt with when designing SoCs with internal power management features.
EDA Tech Forum Journal Magazine/Journal Description: This is a great little journal published quarterly a collection of EDA vendors (Mentor Graphics owns the trademark).
Computer Aids for VLSI Design Book Description: Design environments, synthesis, static timing analysis, etc.

"EDA" related tools for the Electrical Engineer
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Kicad Schematic capture and PCB layout Description: Kicad is an open source (GPL) software for the creation of electronic schematic diagrams and printed circuit board artwork

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