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"EMI" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Ground loop problems and how to get rid of them How-To Description: An introduction to the problem of ground loops in the context of audio systems.
Managing EMC in Automotive Systems Tutorial Description: We haven't found a lot of good material out there on managing EMC issues. This short (4 page) tutorial is applicable to more than just automotive systems.
Improve EMC In Class D Amplifier Applications Article Description: A brief (4 page) tutorial on controlling EMC in Class D amplifiers.
Estimating Emissions From Your Printed Circuit Board Article Description: A nice, straightforward tutorial (published in the March 2007 issue of Evaluation Engineering magazine) discussing the basics of estimating and controlling EMI on your PCB design.
Smart Design Practices Address EMI/EMC Challenges Article Description: This article from the June 2007 edition of Microwave Journal argues that "treating EMC as a design issue rather than a test and measurement issue" will ultimately save development time. The article touches on use SPICE, IBIS models and 3D simulation, and offers practical advice on how to improve the EMC performance of your design.
Power Factor Correction Handbook Book Description: This 108 page PDF contains a collection of tutorials, app notes and datasheets from ON Semiconductor on the subject of power factor correction.
Asynchronous Circuit Design: A Tutorial Book Description: From the book's preface: "This book was compiled to address a perceived need for an introductory text on asynchronous design. There are several highly technical books on aspects of the subject, but no obvious starting point for a designer who wishes to become acquainted for the first time with asynchronous technology."

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