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"ESL" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Name Type Details
SystemC Quickreference Card Specification Description: A 2-page quick reference for SystemC
Online SystemC Training Course Tutorial Description: 4-6 hour online training course for SystemC offered by Forte Design Systems.
SystemC Primer Tutorial Description: The eXsultation web site states: "eXsultation's training department in conjunction with Exsultation has developed the SystemC-Primer 1.1 as part of a series of downloadable instructional modules. This particular module is part of a suite of primers that introduces some of the more advanced system level verification flows. "
SystemC based SoC Communication Modeling for the OCP Protocol White Paper Description: Published 14OCT2002 by OCPIP. The authors are at Nokia, Synopsys and Sonics.
An Introduction to System Level Modeling in SystemC 2.0 Article Description: Short introduction to SystemC by Stuart Swan of Cadence Design Systems.
Techniques for low power at the system level Article Description: "This article outlines key factors in designing for low power and energy based on system-level strategies and techniques and highlights how ESL synthesis facilitates and automates many of the tasks involved."

"ESL" related tools for the Electrical Engineer
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Name Type Details
Ptolemy II System Description: Software suite for support of continuous-time modelling, dynamic dataflow, discrete-event modeling, finite state machines, porocess networks, synchronous data flows, etc.
GreenSocs ESL Effort Open Source ESL Description: The GreenSocs web site provides collaboratively developed, peer reviewed, ESL interfaces and infrastructure. Contents include GreenBus ("a versatile SystemC framework with which to model busses") and associated Spirit generator, DUST analysis framework for SystemC, a SystemC parser, and more.
SpecC Reference Compiler Compiler/Simulator Description: Offered by the University of California, Irvine, Center for Embedded Computer Systems, "The SpecC Reference Compiler (SCRC) is an Open Source implementation of a compiler and simulator for the SpecC language."

"ESL" related organizations for the Electrical Engineer
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Name Type Details
SystemC AMS Professional Description: Homepage of a group developing and maintaning analog and mixed-signal extensions to SystemC.