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"IP" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Online Seminars offered by Stanford Center for Professional Development Webcast Description: Stanford is making a number of class/seminar series available online in video format. These classes are offered for college credit to students on campus. You can access them for free simply by registering at the URL we've provided here.
OPENCORES.ORG Web-Page Description: The opencores website states: "OpenCores is a loose collection of people who are interested in developing hardware, with a similar ethos to the free software movement. Currently the emphasis is on digital modules called 'cores', since FPGAs have reduced the incremental cost of a core to approximately zero. "

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"IP" related organizations for the Electrical Engineer
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OCP-IP Consortium Description: Open Core Protocol International Partnership - From their web site: "OCP-IP is dedicated to proliferating a common standard for intellectual property (IP) core interfaces, or sockets, that facilitate "plug and play" System-on-Chip (SoC) design. Making complex SoC design more efficient for the widest audience, the industry strongly supports the Open Core Protocol as the universal complete socket standard, regardless of on chip architecture or which processor cores are featured."
Spirit Consortium Consortium Description: The SPIRIT Consortium is a global organization focused on establishing multi-faceted IP/tool integration standards that drive sustainable growth in electronic design. It is comprised of leading EDA, IP, system integration, and semiconductor companies dedicated to the adoption of a unified set of specifications for configuring, integrating, and verifying IP in advanced SoC design tool sets. A California non-profit organization, The SPIRIT Consortium includes the following contributing members: ARM, Cadence, Cisco, CoWare, Denali, Freescale, Infineon, LSI, Magillem, MataiTech, Mentor Graphics, MIPS, NXP, Sonics, ST, Synopsys, and Texas Instruments.
Fibre Channel Industry Association Consortium Description: The FCIA website states: "The Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) is a mutual benefit non-profit international organization of manufacturers, system integrators, developers, vendors, industry professionals and end users. The FCIA is committed to delivering a broad base of Fibre Channel infrastructure technology to support a wide array of applications within the mass storage and IT-based arenas. FCIA working groups and committees focus on specific aspects of the technology, targeting both vertical and horizontal markets including data storage, video, networking and storage area networking (SAN) management. "