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"Perl" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Perl Programmer's Reference Book Description: A bit outdated (June 1997), this 951 page document includes the Perl FAQ, README for all platforms, Installing PERL and Standard Perl Manual.
Learning Perl on Win32 Systems Book Description: ISBN 1-56592-324-3, 306 pages. First Edition, August 1997, O'Reilly
Programming Perl Book Description: ISBN 1-56592-149-6, 670 pages. Second Edition, September 1996, O'Reilly
Perl Cookbook Book Description: ISBN 1-56592-243-3, 794 pages. First Edition, August 1998, O'Reilly

"Perl" related tools for the Electrical Engineer
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ActiveState Perl Perl Programming Description: A full Perl implementation, complete with TK extensions and CPAN libraries.
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network Perl Programming Description: The industry standard collection of Perl libraries. Many of these are also available for download directly from the ActiveState Perl page using the Perl "ppm" command.
ActiveState Tcl/TK Interpretor Description: Tcl is a scripting language used by a number of major CAD vendors as their integrated script engine. Tk is a set of graphics functions which can be used for GUI development. Tk has also been integrated into other languages as well. The ActiveState Perl distributions are one example.

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