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"RF" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Name Type Details
Spread Spectrum Scene: The Smith Chart Web-Site Description: These pages on the Spread Spectrum Scene website have a broad range of references and tutorials on the subject of Smith Charts.
Fun With Tubes Web-Site Description: This noncommercial site contains a wealth of practical knowledge of vacuum tube circuits and techniques.
MEMs Investor Journal Web-Site Description: The MIJ site states "Our free weekly newsletter brings you the top MEMS stories from 7000+ sources worldwide."
Basics of Design Tutorial Description: Electronic Design magazine occasionally includes a glossy insert entitled: "basics of Design". Each is corporate sponsored, and provides a basic tuturial on some design task. The collection is available at this location on the Electronic Design web site.
RF Measurement Basics for Non-RF Test Engineers Tutorial Description: This article lays out the basics of RF measurements for the non-RF expert.
Introduction to RF Simulation and its Application White Paper Description: This 47 page whitepaper introduction states: "This paper is an introduction to RF simulation methods and how they are applied to make common RF measurements. It describes the unique characteristics of RF circuits, the methods developed to simulate these circuits, and the application of these methods."
Vanishing Point Article Description: This tutorial on EMC shielding appeared in the January 2007 edition of Evaluation Engineering Magazine.
Vanishing Point Article Description: Evaluation Engineering Magazine (Jan 2007) article introduces EMC shielding issues for very small devices.
Microwave Journal Magazine/Journal Description: Microwave Journal is published monthly, and contains a mix of industry news, technical articles and advertisements focusing on wireless products.
RFDesign Magazine/Journal Description: RF and Microwave Technology for Design Engineers
Philips RF Manual: product & design manual for RF small signal discretes Book Description: 64 page manual covering RF design and Philips products for same.
Understanding Radio for the Practical Engineer Book Description: This is a great intro to radio that covers a lot of practical material you don't normally find in the textbooks. A bit over 80 pages of material in total.
Navy Warfare and Radar Systems Handbook Book Description: This 1997 Navy text covers a wide variety of topics and makes a nice reference text.
The RF and Microwave Circuit Design Cookbook Book Description: This PDF contains scanned images of the original 259 page textbook published by Artech House Publishers in 1998. The back cover reads: "The RF and Microwave Circuit Design Cookbook reveals practical, tested methods for designing and implementing a wide range of nonlinear RF and microwave circuits..."
Overcoming the Measurement Challenges of Advanced Semiconductor Technologies: DC, Pulse, and RF - From Modeling to Manufacturing Book Description: This 1st Edition text from Keithley discusses topics relating to advanced transistor gates and thin oxides, RF modeling, process control, and reliability testing.
Switching Handbok: A Guide to Signal Switching in Automated Test Systems Book Description: The 5th edition of this free text from Keithley contains a wealth of practical information relating to automated test equipment, or ATE. It discusses types of switching components, specifications, signal types and issues in switch system design.
Basic Radio Description: This particular version of this textbook on radio theory is formated as a downloadable HTML help file.

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"RF" related organizations for the Electrical Engineer
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Name Type Details
Z-Wave Alliance Consortium Description: The Z-Wave Alliance "is a consortium of leading independent manufacturers who have agreed to build wireless home control products based on the Zensys' Z-Wave open standard."