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"SoC" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Web Seminars by the Institution of Engineering and Technology Webcast Description: The IET has made a large number of seminars available as on demand webcasts. The IET is the successor to the IEE (Institution of Electrical Engineers) and IIE (Institution of Incorporated Engineers)/
FlipChips DOT COM Tutorials Web-Site Description: A fantastic collection of over five dozen tutorials on flip chip and micropackaging topics. AAA+
OPENCORES.ORG Web-Page Description: The opencores website states: "OpenCores is a loose collection of people who are interested in developing hardware, with a similar ethos to the free software movement. Currently the emphasis is on digital modules called 'cores', since FPGAs have reduced the incremental cost of a core to approximately zero. "
More on Embedded MultiCores and MultiProcessors from Embedded.com Web-Page Description: Embedded.com has put in place a centralized list of their articles on multiple-core/processors designs.
Basics of Design Tutorial Description: Electronic Design magazine occasionally includes a glossy insert entitled: "basics of Design". Each is corporate sponsored, and provides a basic tuturial on some design task. The collection is available at this location on the Electronic Design web site.
Asynchronous Techniques for System-On-Chip Design Tutorial Description: An invited paper from the June 2006 Proceedings of the IEEE.
SystemC based SoC Communication Modeling for the OCP Protocol White Paper Description: Published 14OCT2002 by OCPIP. The authors are at Nokia, Synopsys and Sonics.
Save Those Watts With A Power-Aware Design Flow For SoCs Article Description: A very good article that discusses the myriad of issues that must be dealt with when designing SoCs with internal power management features.
Implementation of a DFM checker for 65nm and beyond Article Description: This is a nice five page introduction (from the EDA Tech Forum) to Design for Manufacturability at 65nm and below by engineers at the Crolles2 Alliance (Freescale Semiconductor, NXP Semiconductors and STMicroelectronics).
Chip Design Magazine Magazine/Journal Description: Industry rag targeting IC designers. Their site says: "High Value Content in Every Issue... In each issue, Chip Design addresses the information needs of the leading-edge, upper-mainstream, and system-level programmable logic IC designers. "
Embedded Technology Journal Magazine/Journal Description: Webzine on embedded technology.

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"SoC" related organizations for the Electrical Engineer
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ARM Ltd Other Description: ARM Ltd. designs and licenses embedded IP world-wide. ARM processors are arguably the most popular for embedded applications. ARM's AMBA bus is an industry standard, and ARM markets a wide variety of related modules for integration on SoCs.