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"accelerometers" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Motion Sensing Video Tutorial Tutorial Description: A three and a half minute YouTube video that nicely compares and contrasts the uses of gyroscopes and accelerometers.
Choosing the right ... Tutorial Description: Electronic Products magazine routinely runs articles entitled "Selecting a widget XYZ" or "Choosing the right widget XYZ". They are usually short, and to the point. They won't make you an expert, but can get you started if you are wondering how to make that next design decision.
MEMS Accelerometers Tutorial Description: This is a nice, 17 page, introduction to MEMS accelerometers. It starts with a basic introduction to MEMS, moves on to capacitive plate sensing and demodulation, sensor noise characteristics, applications and MEMS fabrication.
Measuring Motion Article Description: Evaluation Engineering Magazine article discussing the various types and uses of accelerometers.

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