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"cache" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Memory Hierarchy in Cache-Based Systems Tutorial Description: "This article is to help the reader understand the architecture of modern microprocessors. It introduces and explains the most common terminology and addresses some of the performance related aspects."
Cache Design for Embedded Real-Time Systems Article Description: "This paper compares the operation and organization of caches as found in general-purpose processors, microcontrollers, and DSPs; it also discusses designs for embedded realtime systems."
A Fully Associative Software-Managed Cache Design Article Description: "This paper has two primary contributions: a practical design for a fully associative memory structure, the indirect index cache (IIC), and a novel replacement algorithm, generational replacement, that is specifically designed to work with the IIC."
PC Architecture Book Description: Well illustrated (high level) text describing architecture of personal computers.
Practical File System Design Book Description: This is a 247 page textbook which delves into the practical aspects of file system design using the Be File System as an example implementation. This text was originally published by Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc., and is now out of print. The online copy is found on the author's website.

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