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"cryptography" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Introduction to Public Key Cryptography and Modular Arithmetic White Paper Description: An introduction (22 page PDF) to the RSA algorithm and its mathematical underpinnings.
Algorithms Book Description: This 2006 Algorithms text is packaged as a 300+ page PDF, and appears to focus on efficiency issues.
Handbook of Applied Cryptography Book Description: CRC Press has given permission to make all chapters of this text available online.
Security Engineering - The Book Book Description: This book covers many aspects of security engineering technology.
Multimedia Content Encryption Book Description: From the books preface: "The aim of this book is to give a detailed description and show the latest research results on multimedia content encryption. The content includes not only multimedia encryption's brief history, performance requirements and applications but also common and special encryption techniques, attacks, performance evaluations and some other open issues."

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