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"estimation" related tools for the Electrical Engineer
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InCyte Lite Chip Estimation Description: ChipEstimate.com offers a free version of their InCyte chip estimation tool. Their website states "The system is used by thousands of chip planners to assess project feasibility, compare different IP configurations and to see the impact of new process nodes and IP on new and existing designs. Users input a high level design specification and InCyte Lite produces industry average estimations of chip die size, power, and leakage. Models used for estimation are built based upon averages from leading foundries and IP library suppliers. InCyte provides industry average estimation of the following key metrics:
  • Die area - Total die size and bounding, factoring in all specified IP and design components.
  • Power - Dynamic power consumption computed based on individual design components, factoring in frequency, switching activities, gate and IP data.
  • Leakage - Static power consumption computed and broken down by core, I/O, hierarchical block, as well as each IP macro. "

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