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"floorplanning" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Smart Design Practices Address EMI/EMC Challenges Article Description: This article from the June 2007 edition of Microwave Journal argues that "treating EMC as a design issue rather than a test and measurement issue" will ultimately save development time. The article touches on use SPICE, IBIS models and 3D simulation, and offers practical advice on how to improve the EMC performance of your design.
Application-Specific Integrated Circuits Book Description: This text (offered online by edatoolscafe.com) covers the basics of ASIC technologies.

"floorplanning" related tools for the Electrical Engineer
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Quartus II Web Edition Software from Altera CPLD & FPGA Design Software Description: Like many vendors, Altera has both free and subscription versions of their design software available. Check their online comparison chart to see if the free version will suit your needs.

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