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"gEDA" related tools for the Electrical Engineer
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Name EntryDate Details
tclspice 1970-08-20 22:18:49 Description: An improved version of Berkeley Spice designed for use with the Tcl/Tk scripting language.
PCB 1970-08-20 22:18:46 Description: Printed circuit board editor. Part of the gEDA toolsuite.
gwave 1970-08-20 22:18:41 Description: Gwave is a viewer for analog data such as output from Spice-type simulations. Reads multiple formats, and is a member of the gEDA tool suite.
GTKWave 1970-08-20 22:18:40 Description: Electronic waveform viewer is part of the gEDA tool suite. Supports VCD, EVCD, LTX and Synopsys .out formats.
gsymcheck 1970-08-20 22:18:39 Description: Symbol Checker: Part of the gEDA project, gsymcheck validates that symbols will work in gschem and related tools.
gschem 1970-08-20 22:18:37 Description: Schematic Capture Tool: Part of the gEDA project, gschem is a general purpose schematic capture program designed to work in conjunction with other tools in the gEDA toolset.
Gnucap 1970-08-20 22:18:36 Description: GNU Circuit Analysis Package. This is a general purpose circuit simulator capable of nonlinear DC and transient analysis, fourier analysis and AC analysis.
gnetlist 1970-08-20 22:18:35 Description: Part of the gEDA project, this tool converts gschem files into a number of formats: Unix PCB, Spice, Verilog VHDL and many others.
gerbv 1970-08-20 22:18:34 Description: Part of the gEDA project, this is a viewer for Gerber files.
geda 1970-08-20 22:18:31 Description: Project manager / GUI for the gEDA suite of tools.
gattrib 1970-08-20 22:18:30 Description: Attribute Checker: Part of the gEDA project, gattrib reads a set of gschem schematic files and creates a spreadsheet showing all components and associated attributes.

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