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"jitter" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Introduction to PC-Based Data Acquisition Systems Tutorial Description: This 38 page introduction DAQ introduction covers not just the basic terminology, but also provides an introduction to some of the practical aspects of data acquisition: signal conditioning, isolation, triggering & timing.
Data Acquisition Specifications - a Glossary White Paper Description: National Instruments App Note #092 by Richard House is a concise (20 page) summary of terms used by NI to describe the performance of its data acquisition products. But the topics discussed here are broadly used beyond NI, and are applicable industry wide.
Impact of ultralow phase noise oscillators on system performance Article Description: This article "examines the impact of oscillator phase noise on system performance, underscoring the importance of using ultralow phase noise oscillators in systems."
Phase Noise: Theory versus Practicality Article Description: This article from the April 2008 issue of Microwave Journal "discusses different time bases and their properties, crystal oscillator properties, phase noise definition and calculations, ways to reduce phase noise in oscillator design, real oscillator phase noise plots, and outside noise/interference effects on phase noise. It will be shown that phase noise is unavoidable but manageable."
Noise in Mixers, Oscillators, Samplers, and Logic: An Introduction to Cyclostationary Noise Book Description: 17 page white paper on the subject of Noise.

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