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"microwave" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Design of Microstrip Dual Behavior Resonate Filters: A Practical Guide Tutorial Description: "The basic principles of DBR are recalled before describing in detail the design of a microstrip DBR filter in Ku-band."
Microwave Journal Magazine/Journal Description: Microwave Journal is published monthly, and contains a mix of industry news, technical articles and advertisements focusing on wireless products.
RFDesign Magazine/Journal Description: RF and Microwave Technology for Design Engineers
Navy Warfare and Radar Systems Handbook Book Description: This 1997 Navy text covers a wide variety of topics and makes a nice reference text.
The RF and Microwave Circuit Design Cookbook Book Description: This PDF contains scanned images of the original 259 page textbook published by Artech House Publishers in 1998. The back cover reads: "The RF and Microwave Circuit Design Cookbook reveals practical, tested methods for designing and implementing a wide range of nonlinear RF and microwave circuits..."
Switching Handbok: A Guide to Signal Switching in Automated Test Systems Book Description: The 5th edition of this free text from Keithley contains a wealth of practical information relating to automated test equipment, or ATE. It discusses types of switching components, specifications, signal types and issues in switch system design.

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