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"nanotechnology" references for the Electrical Engineer
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FlipChips DOT COM Tutorials Web-Site Description: A fantastic collection of over five dozen tutorials on flip chip and micropackaging topics. AAA+
MEMs Investor Journal Web-Site Description: The MIJ site states "Our free weekly newsletter brings you the top MEMS stories from 7000+ sources worldwide."
The Beginner's Guide to MEMS Processing Tutorial Description: The intro begins: "This guide is intended for people new to microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology. It gives a brief overview of the technology and some of the methods used to create microstructures."
Small Times Magazine Magazine/Journal Description: Focused on micro and nanotech manufacuring, tools and materials
NASA Tech Briefs Magazine/Journal Description: Technology transfer on a governmental scale: NASA tech briefs is available both in paper form and online. Related publications (same site) include: Defense Tech Briefs, Photonics Tech Briefs, Nanotech Briefs, Motion Control Technology, Embedded Technology
Defense Tech Briefs Magazine/Journal Description: Defense tech briefs appears to be affiliated with NASA Tech Briefs, and is available both in paper form and online.
Unbounding the Future: the Nanotechnology Revolution Book Description: Published in 1991, this book (166 pages) provides a look forward to how nanotechnology might impact the future.
Nanotechnology Measurement Handbook: A Guide to Electrical Measurements for Nanoscience Applications Book Description: This 1st Edition text from Keithley brings together tutorials on a number of measurement subjects relating to nanotechnology.
Overcoming the Measurement Challenges of Advanced Semiconductor Technologies: DC, Pulse, and RF - From Modeling to Manufacturing Book Description: This 1st Edition text from Keithley discusses topics relating to advanced transistor gates and thin oxides, RF modeling, process control, and reliability testing.

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"nanotechnology" related organizations for the Electrical Engineer
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National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network Consortium Description: From their website: "The National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN) is an integrated networked partnership of user facilities, supported by the National Science Foundation, serving the needs of nanoscale science, engineering and technology."