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"oscillators" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Impact of ultralow phase noise oscillators on system performance Article Description: This article "examines the impact of oscillator phase noise on system performance, underscoring the importance of using ultralow phase noise oscillators in systems."
Make Your Next Design As Solid As A Rock Article Description: If you need a quick introduction to crystal oscillators, this article is for you. Four pages of text and figures introduce you to the topic and discuss oscillator options and specifications you should know about.
Phase Noise: Theory versus Practicality Article Description: This article from the April 2008 issue of Microwave Journal "discusses different time bases and their properties, crystal oscillator properties, phase noise definition and calculations, ways to reduce phase noise in oscillator design, real oscillator phase noise plots, and outside noise/interference effects on phase noise. It will be shown that phase noise is unavoidable but manageable."
Op Amps For Everyone Book Description: Published by Texas Instruments, edited by Ron Mancini, this is a full 464 page text on operational amplifiers.
Noise in Mixers, Oscillators, Samplers, and Logic: An Introduction to Cyclostationary Noise Book Description: 17 page white paper on the subject of Noise.
Designing Analog Chips Book Description: The associated web site provides this synopsys: "A comprehensive introduction to CMOS and bipolar analog IC design. The book presumes no prior knowledge of linear design, making it comprehensible to engineers with a non-analog background. The emphasis is on practical design, covering the entire field with hundreds of examples to explain the choices. Concepts are presented following the history of their discovery. "
Theory and Design of Electrical and Electronic Circuits Book Description: 493 page text on basic circuit theory.
Understanding Radio for the Practical Engineer Book Description: This is a great intro to radio that covers a lot of practical material you don't normally find in the textbooks. A bit over 80 pages of material in total.
Agilent Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Power Measurements Book Description: Agilent's Classic Application Note 64-1C on power measurements, revised andupdated.
Basic Radio Description: This particular version of this textbook on radio theory is formated as a downloadable HTML help file.

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