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"power management" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Power Management Design Line Web-Site Description: A CMP United Business Media web site devoted to power management issues.
Basics of Design Tutorial Description: Electronic Design magazine occasionally includes a glossy insert entitled: "basics of Design". Each is corporate sponsored, and provides a basic tuturial on some design task. The collection is available at this location on the Electronic Design web site.
Choosing the right ... Tutorial Description: Electronic Products magazine routinely runs articles entitled "Selecting a widget XYZ" or "Choosing the right widget XYZ". They are usually short, and to the point. They won't make you an expert, but can get you started if you are wondering how to make that next design decision.
Standby Power Management Architecture for Deep-Submicron Systems Thesis Description: From the introduction of this 2006 PhD Thesis from the University of California at Berkeley: "Power reduction is critical for portable devices to maximize battery life and potentially to enable operation on scavenged energy. Historically, the focus has been on reducing dynamic power consumption, since that is where the most power was spent. As process dimensions shrink further toward deep-submicron, traditional methods of dynamic power reduction are becoming less effective due to the increased impact of standby power. Circuits and techniques for reducing standby power consumption are becoming increasingly common, but these methods are currently rather ad-hoc and lack a formalized method for inclusion in a power-managed system. This thesis presents a scalable architecture that reduces standby power through the design and composition of power-aware subsystems."

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