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"power" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Web Seminars at Planet EE.com Webcast Description: Planet EE (Penton Electronics Group) hosts a number of on-demand webcasts at this site.
Web Seminars by the Institution of Engineering and Technology Webcast Description: The IET has made a large number of seminars available as on demand webcasts. The IET is the successor to the IEE (Institution of Electrical Engineers) and IIE (Institution of Incorporated Engineers)/
Conversion Factors Web-Site Description: This is the Units & Constants page at the efunda engineering fundamentals site.
Theorems, Forumula and Constants Web-Site Description: Cann't remember that electrical formula or constant? This is a well-organized site that probably has what you need.
Fuel Cells Subject Survey Web-Page Description: This EE HomePage.com Subject Survey looks at fuel cell technology and resources.
Unified Power Format Specification Description: From the UPF spec: "UPF provides the ability for electronic systems to be designed with power as a key consideration early in the process. It accomplishes this through the ability to allow the specification of implementation-relevant power information early in the design process RTL (register transfer level) or earlier."
Tutorials from Analog Devices Tutorial Description: Analog Devices has a broad range on online tutorials. These range from interactive DHTML tutorials to books in PDF form.
Electric Power Network Tutorial Tutorial Description: Presentation materials for a tutorial entitled "Electric Power Network Tutorial: Basic Steady State & Dynamic Models for Control, Pricing and Optimization."
Power Electronics Technology Magazine/Journal Description: Published monthly and targeted at engineers, designers and integrators of power electronics.
Power, accuracy and noise aspects in CMOS mixed-signal design Thesis Description: A PhD thesis on the subject published online by EDACafe.com
Standby Power Management Architecture for Deep-Submicron Systems Thesis Description: From the introduction of this 2006 PhD Thesis from the University of California at Berkeley: "Power reduction is critical for portable devices to maximize battery life and potentially to enable operation on scavenged energy. Historically, the focus has been on reducing dynamic power consumption, since that is where the most power was spent. As process dimensions shrink further toward deep-submicron, traditional methods of dynamic power reduction are becoming less effective due to the increased impact of standby power. Circuits and techniques for reducing standby power consumption are becoming increasingly common, but these methods are currently rather ad-hoc and lack a formalized method for inclusion in a power-managed system. This thesis presents a scalable architecture that reduces standby power through the design and composition of power-aware subsystems."
Designing Analog Chips Book Description: The associated web site provides this synopsys: "A comprehensive introduction to CMOS and bipolar analog IC design. The book presumes no prior knowledge of linear design, making it comprehensible to engineers with a non-analog background. The emphasis is on practical design, covering the entire field with hundreds of examples to explain the choices. Concepts are presented following the history of their discovery. "
Battery Technology Handbook Book Description: Handbook from Harding Energy introduces the reader to various types of battery technologies and their tradeoffs.

"power" related tools for the Electrical Engineer
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Interactive Power Electronics Seminar Java applets illustrating power electronics concepts Description: An extensive series of Java applets intended to demonstrate power electronics concepts in an educational setting.

"power" related organizations for the Electrical Engineer
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NEWARK inone Distributor Description: An electronics distributor. Their product line includes: semiconductors, passives, interconnect, optoelectronics, circuit protection, power products, ...
Allied Electronics Distributor Description: Distributor for test & measurement, interconnect, enclosures, power, control, passive and active components, etc.
Mouser Electronics Distributor Description: Their site states: "Mouser Electronics, Inc., a privately-held company and subsidiary of TTI, is one of the fastest growing electronics distributors in the electronics industry. Dedicated to supplying its customers with the latest NEW products and NEWEST technologies, Mouser is the only catalog distributor of electronic components to issue a NEW 1,700+ page print catalog every 90 days. "
DigiKey Distributor Description: Online distributor for: Analog Devices, Micrel, Taiyo Yuden, Altera, KEMET, Murata, Philips, NorComp, Xilinx, STMicroelectronics, Rohm
Arrow Electronics Distributor Description: "Arrow Electronics is a global provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and computer products."