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"radar" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Compressive Sensing Resources Web-Page Description: This well organized online resource from Rice University describes itself thus: "The dogma of signal processing maintains that a signal must be sampled at a rate at least twice its highest frequency in order to be represented without error. However, in practice, we often compress the data soon after sensing, trading off signal representation complexity (bits) for some error (consider JPEG image compression in digital cameras, for example). Clearly, this is wasteful of valuable sensing resources. Over the past few years, a new theory of "compressive sensing" has begun to emerge, in which the signal is sampled (and simultaneously compressed) at a greatly reduced rate."
Fundamentals of Remote Sensing Tutorial Description: A 258 tutorial written at a level to make it accessible to anyone. Topics cover include spectrum basics, active versus passive sensing, radiometric resolution, thermal imaging, multispectral scanning, radar basics, image analysis and more.
Navy Warfare and Radar Systems Handbook Book Description: This 1997 Navy text covers a wide variety of topics and makes a nice reference text.

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