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"sampling" references for the Electrical Engineer
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EE 615 CMOS Mixed-Signal IC Design Webcast Description: Pre-recorded CMOS Mixed-Signal Design Course from Boise State University, taught by Jake Baker. This is a full college course (27 lectures) on the subject. All lectures available in video format, with accompanying PDFs showing lecture drawings by Mr. Baker.
Compressive Sensing Resources Web-Page Description: This well organized online resource from Rice University describes itself thus: "The dogma of signal processing maintains that a signal must be sampled at a rate at least twice its highest frequency in order to be represented without error. However, in practice, we often compress the data soon after sensing, trading off signal representation complexity (bits) for some error (consider JPEG image compression in digital cameras, for example). Clearly, this is wasteful of valuable sensing resources. Over the past few years, a new theory of "compressive sensing" has begun to emerge, in which the signal is sampled (and simultaneously compressed) at a greatly reduced rate."
VLSI Source Coding For Efficient Analogue-to-Digital Conversion White Paper Description: 67 page report published at the University of Oxford in 1998 is a nice overview of the topic.
Design of High Speed Folding and Interpolating Analog-To-Digital Converter Thesis Description: This 2003 PhD Thesis digs into the theoretical underpinnings of high speed ADCs, exploring the various architectures and limitations to performance.
Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics Book Description: Written by Richard Lowry, Professor of Psychology at Vassar, this is described as "a free, full-length, and occasionally interactive statistics textbook"
Mixed Signal and DSP Design Techniques Book Description: This text can be downloaded a chapter at a time from the Analog Devices web site.
Fundamentals of Image Processing Book Description: 113 page text dealing primarily with 2-D image processing.
Introduction to Sound Processing Book Description: This free 204 page textbook, developed by a professor at the University of Verona, will provide you with an introduction to sound processing.

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