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"semiconductors" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Spin Electronics - the Science and Technology of Combining Magnetism and Semiconductors Webcast Description: An excellent 50 minute video lecture by Dr. Frances Hellman of the UCSD Division of Physical Sciences on the subject of spin electronics.
Power Electronics: Devices, Drivers, Applications, and Passive Components Book Description: The website for the text describes it this way: "Part 1 covers semiconductor switching devices, their electrical and thermal characteristics and properties. Part 2 describes device driving and protection, while part 3 presents a number of generic applications. The final part, Part 4, introduces capacitors, magnetic components, and resistors, and their characteristics relevant to power electronic applications."
Overcoming the Measurement Challenges of Advanced Semiconductor Technologies: DC, Pulse, and RF - From Modeling to Manufacturing Book Description: This 1st Edition text from Keithley discusses topics relating to advanced transistor gates and thin oxides, RF modeling, process control, and reliability testing.
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics Description: This textbook has been restructured as a downloadable HTML help file.

"semiconductors" related tools for the Electrical Engineer
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SpiceOpus Spice Simulator Description: A Spice simulator with built-in optimization utilities. It is derived from the Georgia Tech Research Institutes XSpice as well as the Berkeley simulator.

"semiconductors" related organizations for the Electrical Engineer
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NEWARK inone Distributor Description: An electronics distributor. Their product line includes: semiconductors, passives, interconnect, optoelectronics, circuit protection, power products, ...
Allied Electronics Distributor Description: Distributor for test & measurement, interconnect, enclosures, power, control, passive and active components, etc.
Jameco Electronics Distributor Description: Jameco distributes ICs & semiconductors, optoelectronics, passive components, wire, cable, interconnects, fans/cooling, LCD products, ...
Mouser Electronics Distributor Description: Their site states: "Mouser Electronics, Inc., a privately-held company and subsidiary of TTI, is one of the fastest growing electronics distributors in the electronics industry. Dedicated to supplying its customers with the latest NEW products and NEWEST technologies, Mouser is the only catalog distributor of electronic components to issue a NEW 1,700+ page print catalog every 90 days. "
DigiKey Distributor Description: Online distributor for: Analog Devices, Micrel, Taiyo Yuden, Altera, KEMET, Murata, Philips, NorComp, Xilinx, STMicroelectronics, Rohm
Arrow Electronics Distributor Description: "Arrow Electronics is a global provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and computer products."