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"software" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Defense Tech Briefs Magazine/Journal Description: Defense tech briefs appears to be affiliated with NASA Tech Briefs, and is available both in paper form and online.
Two Volume Set: Electromechanics & Electrical Machines and Systems Book Description: "Electromechanics" and "Electrical Machines and Systems" by J.D. Edwards are available for free download from the Infolytica web site. The author describes these as "course notes" for 1st and 2nd year courses. We would describe them as two brief (72 and 85 pages respectively), VERY well written, textbooks on Electromechanics. Material is densely packed, but well organized and clearly illustrated. Very well done Mr. Edwards!

"software" related tools for the Electrical Engineer
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CLARAty Reusable Robotic Software Software Framework for Robotics Description: "CLARAty is a framework that promotes reusable robotic software. It was designed to support heterogeneous robotic platforms and integrate advanced robotic capabilities from multiple institutions.

CLARAty stands for Coupled-Layer Architecture for Robotic Autonomy. It is a collaborative effort among four institutions: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA Ames Research Center, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of Minnesota."

MagNet & ElecNet Electromagnetic and electric field simulation Description: Infolytica offers trial versions of its MagNet and ElecNet tools. Unlike a lot of trial software, these come with a reasonable duration license (the version of MagNet we downloaded had a license file good through August 2008 - a full nine months away), and some nifty features. The MagNet trial does static electromagnetic field simulations. ElecNet does electric field simulation.

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