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"stability" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Data Acquisition Specifications - a Glossary White Paper Description: National Instruments App Note #092 by Richard House is a concise (20 page) summary of terms used by NI to describe the performance of its data acquisition products. But the topics discussed here are broadly used beyond NI, and are applicable industry wide.
Op Amps For Everyone Book Description: Published by Texas Instruments, edited by Ron Mancini, this is a full 464 page text on operational amplifiers.
Adaptive Control: Stability, Convergence, and Robustness Book Description: Originally published as part of the Prentice-Hall Advanced Reference Series (Engineering).
Markov Chains and Stochastic Stability Book Description: "Markov Chains and Stochastic Stability", by Meyn & Tweedie is an online text discussing the structure and stability of Markovian models. Markov models are sometimes used in performance and network modeling.
Wikibooks: Control Systems Book Description: "Control Systems" is the first text from Wikibooks that we've added to the EEHomePage.com databases. The PDF version of "Control Systems" is 208 pages long, and covers a broad range of topics, including: Classical Controls and transforms, Modern Control Systems, System Representations, Stability, Controllers and Compensators, and more.

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