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"tear downs" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Under the Hood Web-Site Description: TechOnLine and EETimes have partnered to provide in depth design analysis for a variety of electronic products.
Tear Downs at Embedded Systems Design Article Description: Embedded Systems Design is running a series of "Tear Down" articles which systematically destroy products to see how they are made.

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"tear downs" related organizations for the Electrical Engineer
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iSuppli Corporation Consulting Description: From their website: "iSuppli Corporation helps clients improve performance in the electronics value chain by providing them with the facts, analysis and advice they require to know precisely how to succeed. Our team of over 100 globally positioned electronics industry veterans monitor the status of the electronics industry value chain, and continuously update a score of self-consistent databases that track industry performance and significantly improve forecast accuracy. iSuppli tracks unique datasets - such as contract terms and conditions, pipeline inventories and component pricing - to allow clients to instantly pinpoint specific actions to enhance performance."