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"transformers" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Vintage EE Books Online Web-Site Description: This site is owned and operated by pete@pmillett.com, a practicing electronics engineer with an obvious love of audio. Pete has scanned in almost three dozen vintage engineering texts whose copyright has expired. These may be freely downloaded from his site.
Power Learn: Electric Power Engineering Education Web-Site Description: This site descibes itself thus: "Power Learn is an educational site dedicated to power engineering courseware that provides collection, quality control through peer-review, storage, and dissemination of various materials in a searchable fashion. The courseware is organized based on modules, and each module addresses a power engineering topic that could be covered within a college classroom using 1 to 6 fifty-minute class meetings"
Theory and Design of Electrical and Electronic Circuits Book Description: 493 page text on basic circuit theory.
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics Description: This textbook has been restructured as a downloadable HTML help file.
Electronic Transformers Description: The Virtual Institute of Applied Science has converted this 1955 text into a downloadable HTML help file.

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