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"web" references for the Electrical Engineer
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Name Type Details
HTML 4.01 Specification Specification Description: This is the HTML 4.01 specification by the World Wide Web Consortium.
PHP On-Line Documentation Book Description: PHP is a web scripting language used by over 16 million domains worldwide. It is a server-side language that looks a lot like a combination of Perl and HTML. The central site for PHP is http://www.php.net.

"web" related tools for the Electrical Engineer
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Name Type Details
XML Marker XML Description: An XML Editor with synchronized table-tree and text displays.
Open XML Editor XML Description: A FreeWare tool for XML editing which includes both a wellformedness tester and DTD validator.
Firefox Web Browser Description: Free web browser, known for being more immune (from viruses) than Internet Explorer. Also has any number of novel extensions. See also the "Thunderbird" email client for Mozilla at the same site.
Camino Email Client Description: Web browser developed by the Camino Project (Mozilla Foundation) specifically for Mac OS X10.2 or later.

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