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RASSP 2006-04-22 21:50:25 Description: From their website: "RASSP was a major DARPA/Tri-Service initiative to reinvent the process by which embedded digital signal processors were developed. The goal was a four-fold reduction in the time from concept to fielded prototype on both new designs and design upgrades, with similar improvements in life cycle cost, quality and supportability. " RASSP subjects include VHDL, sardware-software codesign, synthesis, test and more.
Type: Consortium
Dues: N/A
URL: http://www.eda.org/ rassp/
Limitations: From their website: "The content of this site has been provided by SCRA, AFRL, DARPA, and the many RASSP contractors for the public good. No updates are expected. "
ReviewText: RASSP has an extensive collection on course materials online. These include:
  • VHDL Basics
  • Structural VHDL
  • Behavioral VHDL
  • Advanced Concepts in VHDL
  • Hardware/Software Codesign Overview
  • DSP Architectures for RASSP
  • Scheduling and Assignment for DSP
  • DSP Algorithm Design
  • Communication Protocols
  • RASSP Methodology Overview
  • Requirements and Specifications Modelling
  • Virtual Prototyping using VHDL
  • Test Technology Overview
  • Cost Modelling for Embedded Digital Design Systems
  • Performance Modelling using VHDL
  • Synthesis Using VHDL

Keywords: VHDL , DSP , synthesis , behavioral , structural , communication protocols , cost modeling , prototyping
Submitter: EE HomePage Editorial Staff
Affiliation: None
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