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Berkeley Design Technology, Inc. (BDTi) 2006-06-04 20:32:49 Description: BDTi is a rather unique company. Their niche is publication of "Insight, Analysis, and Advice on Signal Processing Technology". Each year, major semiconductor manufacturers submit their DSP products to BDTi for inclusion in its yearly reports.
Type: Other
Dues: vary by service
URL: http://www.bdti.com/ bdti_freeinfo.html
Limitations: Many of their publications are targeted at industry, and have a correspondingly high cost.
ReviewText: BDTi has a number of high ticket services available. The link given is for their "Free Information" page. This contains selected reports, a DSP Dictionary, a pocket guide to processors for DSP and numerous whitepapers. Full disclosure: The submitter of this entry was a member of the design team for several of the product families reviewed by BDTi in their reports.
Keywords: DSP , digital signal processing , product comparisons , BDTi , benchmarks , digital audio , processors
Submitter: EE HomePage Editorial Staff
Affiliation: Other
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