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ARM Ltd 2006-09-16 20:31:28 Description: ARM Ltd. designs and licenses embedded IP world-wide. ARM processors are arguably the most popular for embedded applications. ARM's AMBA bus is an industry standard, and ARM markets a wide variety of related modules for integration on SoCs.
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Dues: contact ARM
URL: http://www.arm.com
ReviewText: There are currently eight ARM core product families:
  • ARM7 processor family
  • ARM9 processor family
  • ARM9E processor family
  • ARM10E processor family
  • ARM11 processor family
  • Cortex processor family
  • SecurCore processor family
  • OptimoDE Data Engines
Their site also contains details on a broad range of IP ranging from standard cell libraries, to memory compilers to specialized analog functions. ARMs online technical documentation is extensive, and should be considered an educational resource in its own right. You should also checkout the web site for the AMBA bus
Keywords: DSP , SoC , ARM , AMBA , TSMC , UMC , Chartered Semiconductor , Thumb , SIMD , Codecs
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