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WiMedia Alliance 2007-02-25 19:02:41 Description: "WiMedia is the de-facto standard radio platform for ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless networking. With efficient power consumption and high data rates, WiMedia UWB has been selected by the Bluetooth SIG and the USB Implementers Forum as the foundation radio of their high-speed wireless specifications for use in next generation consumer electronics, mobile and computer applications. Over 200 international member corporations and research institutions support the non-profit WiMedia Alliance, developing specifications, certification tests, and educational programs."
Type: Consortium
Dues: varies from zero up to $20K/year
URL: http://www.wimedia.org
ReviewText: At the WiMedia Alliance site, you can:
  • downlaod Standard ECMA-368, High Rate Ultra Wideband PHY and MAC Standard
  • download Standard ECMA-369, MAC-PHY Interface for ECMA-368
  • view related webcasts, whitepapers and more

Keywords: wireless , networking , bluetooth , UWB , ultra wideband , WiMedia , Wireless USB , Ecma , webcasts
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