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International Microelectronics And Packaging Society 2007-03-17 17:58:53 Description: "The International Microelectronics And Packaging Society (IMAPS) is the largest society dedicated to the advancement and growth of microelectronics and electronics packaging technologies through professional education. The Society's portfolio of technologies is disseminated through symposia, conferences, workshops, professional development courses and other efforts. IMAPS currently has more than 4,000 members in the United States and more than 4,000 international members around the world."
Type: Professional
Dues: $75 Individual/Year. See web site for options.
URL: http://www.imaps.org/
Keywords: sensors , fuel cells , MEMS , packaging , electronics packaging , SMD , IMAPS , ceramic packaging , LTCC , wirebond , flipchip , SIP
Submitter: EE HomePage Editorial Staff
Affiliation: None
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